Jonathan Edwards on Revival


Jonathan Edwards on Revival

‘What the church has been used to, is not a rule by which we are to judge; because there may be new and extraordinary works of God, and he has [in the past] evidently [worked] in an extraordinary manner…

The prophecies of Scripture give us reason to think that God has things to accomplish, which have never yet been seen…The Holy Spirit is sovereign in his operation; and we know that he uses a great variety; and we cannot tell how great a variety he may use, within the compass of the rules he himself has fixed.

We ought not to limit God where he has not limited himself.’ Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards is generally considered to be the architect of revival theology. The reason is clear to any who read this incredible, powerful little book.

He was a theological giant – yet not hidden away in a college or seminary, but among the people.
He was a thoughtful Pastor – yet eager to see the power of God touching and changing the lives of individuals and even whole towns.
He was a diligent and sober recorder/historian of revival – yet not from a distance, but right in the midst of America’s ‘First Great Awakening’.

When Edwards’ ‘Narrative’ was first published it sparked huge interest and much prayer for revival across the English speaking world. The impact of reading the material today should be the same: a heart cry to God for Revival!

Who can read of the mighty move of God in Northampton and not cry out to God for a genuine, sweeping return to the faith of our fathers?

This edition contains three of Edwards works in one:
1. A Narrative of Surprising Conversions
2. The Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God
3. An Account of the Revival in Northampton in 1740-42

Our current and even past experience is not the rule by which to judge – even if we’ve known great successes in the gospel. Rather we are to stay open to God because His Holy Spirit works in many powerful ways. He can do more than we expect, and can work more swiftly than we expect. Therefore, we ought not to limit God where He has not limited Himself.

That’s the great lesson of this book – and one we continually need to remember. I hope you enjoy reading it!

You can purchase this magnificent book here

You can read excerpts from the book here

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    A way forward

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