The Most Cooperative Servant Organisation in History

 Ralph Winter on Hudson Taylor

The hugely respected Missiologist Ralph Winter (with friends)

Ralph Winter, the renowned missiologist wrote of J Hudson Taylor:

‘God honoured him because his gaze was fixed upon the world’s least-reached peoples…

The China Inland Mission – the most co-operative servant organisation yet to appear – eventually served in one way or another over 6000 missionaries, predominantly in the interior of China.’ [i]

Other great missionaries also sought to encourage the Chinese to accept the ancient faith of the Christians like the radical (if rather impulsive) C.T. Studd and the appropriately named Canadian Jonathan Goforth. Goforth saw awakenings and revivals in the villages, and helped train and release many local Chinese leaders.

Roger Steer adds a personal note, ‘Just after Taylor died, a young Chinese evangelist looked upon his body and summed up Taylor’s most important legacy: “Dear and venerable pastor, we too are your little children. You opened for us the road to heaven. We do not want to bring you back, but we will follow you.” ‘[ii]

Today, China is arguably experiencing the greatest revival of church history. Reports from several sources describe hundreds of thousands coming to Christ with amazing miracles, signs and wonders along with persecution (Here are recent news item from the BBC, Fox News).

The so called ‘house churches’ in China seem unstoppable, even in the face of terrible cruelties and reports of human rights abuses on the part of the authorities.

News of very young leaders planting huge churches and very old women evangelising thousands reach us constantly and many of those from our churches who have visited the underground church leadership have been lastingly changed.

The estimates of those converted to the Christian faith in the last few decades range from between 75 and 100 million converts. The Guardian Newspaper in the UK ran an article that predicted that within 30 years China’s Christians will number no less than 400 million.

Pic: Ralph D Winter

© 2012 Lex Loizides / Church History Blog

[i]  Ralph Winter, Perspectives of the World Christian Movement, p.172

[ii] Roger Steer, Christian History magazine Issue 52, Vol. XV, No. 4, Page 10


2 thoughts on “The Most Cooperative Servant Organisation in History

  1. nwcc March 15, 2012 / 3:01 pm

    Thanks. I believe that there were more Christians in church on Sunday in China, than in the USA. And more in China, worshipping Christ, than in all of Europe combined. A strange changing world indeed.

  2. johnnn February 1, 2013 / 6:13 am

    Generally when talking about great revivals, people immediately think of the Great Awakening revival in America or that of the reformation period. Interestingly enough, these pale in comparison to the revival taking place currently in China. Especially considering how impactful a revival in China would be at this point in time. China, arguably the strongest and most influential country right now, becoming predominately Christian? Without a doubt the church would be empowered and enumerated with followers. The dedication and fervor of these Christian Chinese is seemingly unparalleled and the missions produced by them would be without a doubt be highly effective. Taylor’s China Inland Mission started out as a meager attempt to bring Christianity to China. Now it enjoys the company of 6000 missionaries potentially converting 400 million Chinese to Christianity. God’s will and guiding hand is clearly evident in this amazing feat.

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