Message of the Month – William Lane Craig

William Lane Craig at Jubilee Community Church, Cape Town

It was a genuine privilege for us, as a local church, to host William Lane Craig as he debated with a local Muslim apologist in Cape Town in 2010.

It was a pleasure to meet him and his wife as well as to see such a large gathering of Muslims in a Christian place of worship (about 500 of the 1000 or so that were present that night).

It has been equally instructive to hear him on other issues as well as to read some of his excellent materials.

In this ‘Message of the Month’ (delivered at the European Leadership Forum in Hungary), though, I am hearing a heart-cry – almost a prophetic call.

This is an impassioned plea for rigourous academic engagement to help create credibility for Christian perspectives in both the University and ultimately in the wider culture.

While some of us may be unable to (or are not called to) take up his challenge, I hope that by posting the message here, God may call some of you to take seriously (very seriously) Craig’s prophetic summons!

Click here for the message

© 2011 Church History / Lex Loizides


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