Maintaining Love Under Pressure

Charity and its Fruits by Jonathan Edwards
Charity and its Fruits by Jonathan Edwards

We continue our enjoyment of quotations from the 18th century spiritual leader, Jonathan Edwards.

In his sermons on 1 Corinthians 13, gathered together in a volume published as ‘Charity and its Fruits’, Edwards, the great soul-physician applies the light of Scripture to our innermost motives and thoughts.

The sermons speak directly to the heart and perhaps these few quotes will ignite a desire in you to read them in full.

Maintaining Love
‘A Christian should at all times keep a strong guard against everything that tends to overthrow or corrupt or undermine a spirit of love.’ (Edwards, Charity and its Fruits (Sermons on 1 Cor 13), Banner of Truth, p.23)

Seeing the Sovereignty of God when we are offended
‘Love to God disposes men to have regard to the hand of God in the injuries they suffer, and not only to the hand of man.’ (ibid p.79)

‘Let us not say in our heart, I will do to him as he hath done to me.’ (p.82)

‘The spirit of Christian long-suffering, and of meekness in bearing injuries, is a mark of true greatness of soul.’ (p.87)

On Overlooking Offences
‘It is from littleness of mind that the soul is easily disturbed and put out of repose by the reproaches and ill-treatment of men:

just as little streams of water are much disturbed by the small unevennesses and obstacles they meet with in their course, and make a great deal of noise as they pass over them,

whereas great and mighty streams pass over the same obstacles calmly and quietly, without a ripple on the surface to show they are disturbed.’ (p.87)

You can purchase Charity and its Fruits by Jonathan Edwards here

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